I love that I love what I love

I love that I’d go through “trouble” to find beef bones so I can simmer beef broth for 12+ hours just because I want the beef stew I’m about to make to taste better than just good; I want it to taste mindblowingly, love-in-every-bite type of amazing. I don’t just do it cause I love food. Almost everyone loves food because its more to me than just food. To me, its love and love is the most important thing to have in life.  

Today when I was coming home from Trader Joes, I was thinking to myself about how I’ve known about love ever since I could form memories because of food. I thought about how I never heard “i love you” growing up but I sure as hell felt it in my mom saving me a sandwich her co-worker gave her just because she know I love it or in my mom staying up late and waking up early to make pho for us even though she works 10 hours a day on her feet and comes home tired as hell. I felt it in the way my family would never fail to ask if I had already eaten when we would talk on the phone. I was molded to love best through food. I want to be wealthy eventually not just to buy stuff for people that I should give back to but so I can buy quality stuff to make quality food for quality people in my life. well, and for me too. 

I love that I love people. I love that I love love. I love that I love these things and I love that I love myself in a weird unconventional, imperfect way (but hey, thats love). I love that I may sound fucking insane but you know what? I feel really bad for people who don’t ever feel something so extraordinary that it makes them sound crazy when they try to explain it.